We are two brothers of a Syrian musical family,

live in Frankfurt am Main and offer concerts, workshops and educational activities around OUD & GITARRE.

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Mustafa Kakour

Oud-teacher & player in Frankfurt

Syrian Oud teacher & player. He played trumpet since childhood and studied in the musical university in Homs. In 2007 he established the first music institut “Dar Al Mousika” in the historical city Masyaf, where he worked there as the institut manager & Oud teacher till the end of 2015 he came to Germany and since then he is working as Oud teacher and player in Frankfurt.


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Gitarre/ E-Bass/ Rahmentrommel

Guitar and E-Bass player, was born in Masyaf, Syria. He studied guitar playing in the musical university in Homs, since 2010 till the end of 2016 he worked with his brother in the musical institut “Dar Almousika” as a guitar teacher and an assistant manager.
At the end of 2017 he arrived to Germany, and since then he played in duet “OUD AM MAIN”.