Oud / Arabic Maqams - lessons in Frankfurt.

Oud / Arabic Maqams - lessons in Frankfurt.

Unterricht in Frankfurt mit Mustafa Kakour

Oud / Arabic Maqams

lessons in Frankfurt with Mustafa Kakour

Mustafa, has got a diploma in preparation teachers and bachelor in the musical education from Al Baath university/ Syria.
he also had along experiment in the Arabic Maqams and Oud teaching methods.
in 2007 he established “Dar Al Mousika” institut, which was the first musical institute in the city of Masyaf in Syria, and since then he teaches Oud for pupil individually.
Along with the accumulation of experiences Mustafa had developed teaching techniques that suit with the individual differences between learners. Thus in the private lessons he doesn’t depend on a unified Method for all learners but he depends on the individual responses and development of each learner.


Unterricht in Frankfurt mit Majed Kakour

Guitar/E-Bass/ Buzuq

lessons in Frankfurt with Majed Kakour

Majed studied classical guitar in Al Baath University in Syria, he also teaches in “Dar Al Mousika”, the institut which he established in 2007 with his brother Mustafa.
He also has his teaching methods, during teaching he always aims to let his learners get to the individual learning and independent continuous training point.